Wild City

A view of the Toronto skyline from the lighthouse hill in Tommy Thompson Park, which, in my opinion, is one of the best places in Toronto.  It is a 5km long human-made peninsula built out into Lake Ontario (one of the Great Lakes) with clean construction waste over the last fifty years (give or take a few).  Fortunately, a decision was made after tough debate to preserve the land as a wild park, letting nature do that special thing she does so well to mend the earth after we have had our way with it.  The result is amazing as the park is now home to all sorts of animals, including hawks, coyotes, wolves and deer.  It is also a crucial stopping point for migratory birds on their north-south journeys every year where they can rest and refuel for the road ahead.  Indeed, it is a little bit of wilderness in the urban jungle, and much better than if it had been paved and built upon.

Autumn has been spectacular this year, and I took this shot when I was out cycling a couple of weekends back.  This image is part of Watery Wednesday and  Skywatch Friday.


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