To Your Health

Congratulations to my American friends and neighbours on the passage of your health care reform legislation this week.  Watching from up north it seems that your nation has been torn bitterly over this issue.  That puzzles me and many others who are watching from the outside.  Canada has a universal single payer health care system and it works very well; sure there are hiccups and there can always be improvements, but that is true of any system.  Sorry to disappoint those who want to believe that we are living under a socialist dictatorship up here.  We are free to think and choose and speak.  Universal health care does not limit freedom and democracy.  On the contrary, when people don’t live in fear of falling ill and losing everything in life they are more secure to think, read, discuss and debate what our society should be about and what our politicians are up to.  The truth of the Canadian medical system is that it covers 100% of people in Canada with First World care (we have some of the leading hospitals and research centers in the world) and it costs less per capita than America’s private system that doesn’t cover everyone.  If you really want to know what it’s like up here, please come visit and talk to Canadians – you may be pleasantly surprised.

Best wishes as you move forward.


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