‘Scuse me while I kiss the sky.

I was driving along Queen Street East in Toronto last weekend and saw this mural.  I promptly turned my vehicle around and got the camera out to snap a few shots.  This is one of them.  It is a mural of Jimi Hendrix the rock and roll legend.  While I am the furthest thing from being a music critic or even an amateur musicologist, even I know that Mr. Hendrix is arguably the best rock guitarist to date.  At least, that is what the internet tells me.  Don’t you just love the internet?  The title I chose for this image – “scuse me while I kiss the sky” – is a line from the classic song Purple Haze, which is likely a reference to drugs and getting high.  Drugs or no drugs, I just loved the cool mural, the lighting, the sky with night falling and the mood.  If you want to hear Mr. Hendrix perform his classic, just click right here and enjoy.

This image is part of Skywatch Friday.


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