It’s a bird, it’s a plane…

I spied this gent with his gaze fixed upon the heavens while out photo hunting on groovy Queen Street West in Toronto recently.  Could he have been looking for Superman?  Or, was he just in a daydream not realizing he was becoming part of this image?  Anyway, this truly was a snapshot and I like that “snapshotty” feel of it.  Yes, the crop is higgeldypiggeldy and the composition is all awry, but I did it on the fly and that sense of quickness, and not thinking is what I like about this one.  The wires you see overhead are a ubiquitous sign that you are in Toronto – they are the electrical cables for the streetcars that ply many streets as a real part of our transit system, not a tourist attraction.  Yes, the big auto giants did not snuff out our electric-based public transit as they did in some American cities so they could sell more cars.  I guess Toronto isn’t that bad after all.

Oh, and if Superman was flying around up there, he better be careful making a landing at Queen and Bathurst if he feels like zipping into Johny Banana for a burrito because he may get zapped by that rat’s nest of cables.

This image is part of Skywatch Friday.


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