Right now this blog is an experiment.  I enjoy photography but always find excuses not to capture more images or fiddle with my photo software.  The excuses are the Life Standard v. 3.2, namely “too busy”, “what’s the point”, “I don’t know how to properly use the software, camera etc.”.  I thought a photoblog would give me an excuse to fiddle with the camera, the software within reasonable (i.e. low) expectations.  There is no need to be overwhelmed with hundreds of vacation photos or the need to be perfect since few if any people will likely visit the site anyway.

I am an amateur in the real sense; I am exploring, learning and now bravely experimenting.  Let’s see how this goes.

Feel free to leave a comment, suggestions, advice, criticism, whatever.  I have a thick skin and believe strongly in free expression.



  1. Keep going. I like your style in photography.

  2. Great Experiment and Images! Look forward to seeing some new posts 🙂

  3. Just looked thru a few of your pics – I think you have a great eye!!! Hope to see more fantastic shots in 2010! Gena @ thinking aloud

  4. What kind of camera/lens(es) are you shooting with?

    1. I am not fussy and will use whatever is handy – as you can see with the blackberry shots. My “good” camera is a nikon D80 that I purchased in 2008 with the 18-200 Nikon lens. It is a very nice camera and the lens is useful as an all-around lens. If I get better at this I may invest in some more lenses. Some of my older photos are taken with a Fuji 5100 (my first digital camera). I have a small pocket camera – the Canon SD 1000 – which I am now making a point to carry around more often so I can capture images on when I am out and about – having only the blackberry last week when I saw some good potentials reinforced the lesson to always be ready. And, I have borrowed a Canon SX10IS now and again, so you see I am happy to use what is handy.

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